Rola Wines' philosophy is to create wines "that have a real origin", born in specific vineyards, with little or no intervention. Authentic and honest wines... but always with an elegant twist!

Winemaker Ana Rola along with her best friend Helga Rodrigues, an architect from Douro, and José Serpa Pimentel set off in search of unique vineyards with the ultimate goal of creating wines with individual personalities. High quality wines with distinguished personalities. The result of the dedication consistently applied in all methods and procedures.

The company's main objective is to get the most out of - in terms of the originality and complexity of its wines - the combination of different traditional Douro grape varieties from separate plots and the different styles resulting from the geological variety of its soils.

Quinta de Remostias, Ana Rola's property - located in the Remostias valley, between Régua and Santa Marta de Penaguião - functions as the "Atelier" for her creations in which a small and modern winery processes white and red grapes from the property, and from vineyards chosen in the best areas of the Douro.

They are auteur wines, created in small batches, with style and refinement, perfectly attuned to a wine designed for a modern and savvy consumer who appreciates the quality of the product and its image and are seeking to buy a quality wine.