Following the worldwide trend, the Douro region has seen the increase in the number of rosé wines produced. These wines, produced from a light maceration of red grapes, have a beautiful pink colour and exuberant young aromas of raspberry, cherry, and boiled sweets. They excite the palate with their smoothness, sweetness, and acidity.

They are great pairing for a summer aperitif, as well as combining perfectly with fusion and oriental cuisine, such as Japanese (sushi), Indian or Southeast Asian (Thai and Vietnamese). They should be consumed while young (1 to 2 years old) and served slightly chilled, between 10º and 12ºC.

Source: IVDP (Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, I.P.) 

Rola Rosé Douro DOC

Region: This product of excellence and quality, with traditional characteristics, originates from the Douro, a World Heritage Site.

Winemaking and maturing: Grapes de-stemmed and bled into the fermentation tank, the resulting must is decanted into 2500-litres stainless steel tanks for 24 hours at 8°C.